designer styling board

DIY Texture Board


Here is a fun and easy way to make a beautiful texture styling board. Use this to feature your wedding suite, beauty blog products, and so much more! These boards can cost upwards of $75-$100 pre-made online. We spent under $40 to create these fun styling boards. All supplies linked below



Elmer’s Foam Board
Acrylic Paint
Liquitex Professional Flexible Modeling Paste Medium
Paint Mixing Scraper
Paint Brush
Drop Cloth ( optional)


  1. Lay down drop cloth & foam board.

  2. Apply the Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste to the foam board using one of the scrapers. There reason I use this brand is because it is flexible. There are cheap ways to try to recreate these boards with pre-mixed drywall compound but you risk having your board crack & chip off.

  3. Spread the paste across the board. Re-apply generous amounts of paste to really get a good texture effect. Play around with a couple different scrapers too.

  4. When you are happy with the texture you created, let the paste dry for a few hours.

  5. Touch the board to make sure it is completely dry in all areas before painting

  6. Apply a 2 solid coat of acrylic paint using a foam or bristle paint brush. We got these small bottles from Target for $0.99.

  7. Once you finished applying your paint, let it dry for 24 hrs. Then begin styling and snapping away with your new texture style board.